The exhibitors are medical and non-medical professionals who strive to increase awareness of solutions of maintaining health and fitness and the happiness that comes from being fit and well. They may take appointments if your staff requests them. They will provide information about specific health and fitness problems. Where there is more than one way to deal with the problem, they explain why a particular specialty may be a better choice than others.

As you know, it takes a lot of time and energy to put together such an event. Because we put them on regularly, we can put the whole event on with little or no trouble to you, freeing you for other duties. We can typically incorporate any resources you already have and wish to continue using plus we will bring in new exhibitors to make it a better-rounded fair. We work with your company culture and its needs.

We ensure that each presenter is highly qualified and that their practices are conveniently located to your offices.  They provide information based on the interests and needs of an individual, with no pressure to follow one treatment plan over another.  We believe, better decisions are made by educated individuals who decide for themselves how to remain healthy, rather than individuals faced with a medical emergency after their health has already deteriorated.

We coordinate with you to find out what your staff would most appreciate, and then survey to find out the availability of particular resources in your area.  Because we have provided many health fairs to a wide variety of clients, we are able to offer advice on what will probably work best, but we aim to provide what you want.

Yes, we generally include screenings for common foot and ankle problems, neck and back conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, dental needs, blood pressure, glucose, anemia and more.  Other general services, such as cholesterol levels and flu shots, can always be arranged for a fee. Please discuss with us the features you would like to see at your health fair.

Always.  The staff members love it. We also make sure there are enough massage therapists so your staff don’t spend all their health fair time standing in line!

It depends on the size of the fair and the location: a small fair can sometimes be put together in as little as 6 – 8 weeks, but most fairs are best scheduled 12 – 16 weeks ahead of time.

We can adapt the layout of conference rooms, wide hallways, cafeterias and other spaces.  The size of the health fair will depend on the size of the staff and your facilities.

Absolutely.  We want to complement what you are currently doing that is successful.