Why Health Fairs


Profitability is, to a large degree, a function of employee performance. A healthy team is brighter, sharper, more alert, more active and engaged in their jobs. And, whether you realize it or not, there is a hidden cost in reduced team member productivity. Unhealthy employees cost your company cold hard cash.  It’s just a bit harder to see.

One of those costs comes in the obvious form of absenteeism, an employee doesn’t show up for work due to illness, injury or some other physical difficulty and there is the lost production time as a result.

Now a new term has come into the language of business:  “presenteeism.”   Presenteeism is when the employee shows up, but isn’t accomplishing as much due to health issues.

That’s because, he or she isn’t quite there – not quite “running on all cylinders.” You can certainly get your own idea of how presenteeism affects your own work productivity.

Have you ever shown up for work with a nagging headache?  Or a cold? How engaged in your job were you at those times? Many people come to the job not feeling well – they work with back pain, allergies, arthritis, poor sleep patterns, high blood pressure and other conditions that are just enough to impair their performance and productivity.

It results in lost production that adds up to lower return on investment on the biggest investment your company makes: YOUR EMPLOYEES

Nearly 40{e273049b33f2c57becdd5ab7f0c1a888f68f3465e71aa724bf521e6a59a2bc63} of employers surveyed report that presenteeism is a problem in their organization. (Ref: CCH, a provider of human resources and employment law information)

A study also found that lost productivity was significantly greater from days at work while sick, (presenteeism) — 72{e273049b33f2c57becdd5ab7f0c1a888f68f3465e71aa724bf521e6a59a2bc63} compared to missed workdays due to illness (Absenteeism) — 28{e273049b33f2c57becdd5ab7f0c1a888f68f3465e71aa724bf521e6a59a2bc63} (Ref: Advance PCS, a provider of health improvement services)

These statistics indicate that wellness must be recognized as a strategic business imperative. These economic issues affect every employer

Why Health Fairs?

  • Provide employees with easy access to tests for common health problems, so that such problems can be treated early and successfully.
  • Promote healthy living and decrease the effects of any stress in the workplace.
  • Share data on available, up-to-the-minute health care options.
  • Provide introductions from health care providers with offices convenient to the workplace, so that getting needed care is easier and more likely.
  • Help employees stay healthy and fit, minimizing absenteeism, presenteeism and poor performance due to ill health.
  • Increase employee retention, morale and loyalty.
  • Lower healthcare expenses
  • Facilitate fewer disability claims and fewer injuries
  • Help you show appreciation for your employees by presenting this valuable service.
  • Raise staff understanding of health above the level of *absence of disease* to a positive sense of well-being which pervades all aspects of their lives.
  • Help management and HR personnel accomplish all of these purposes with a proven successful format that does not require more time and effort from you.